ALARM - Rescue Network 


Operates in professional radio-communication band on the territory of the whole country. It is managed by the life guards from the Life-Saving staff of National Life-Saving and Alarm Network, which, from 1990, is an important link of the National System for Detection of Hazards and Alarming of the Civil Defence. Its creation is the result of many years of experience and devoted work of many thousands of life guards. The network is supported and maintained by the instalments of the association and possible subventions. It was created for Your safety!

NET LIFE will provide its users with:

A nation wide, round the clock, immediate possibility of calling such services as police, fire brigade or ambulance.

What offers the possession of NET LIFE in comparison with traditional communication ways:

Possibility to obtain an immediate assistance irrespective of the place you are at. Time saving and efficiency of actions in the situation of direct hazard. Quicker exchange of information and notification on the event on the territory of the whole country. Possibility to send messages on missing persons or stolen vehicles.


NET LIFE may be connected to existing protection installations:

Alarm installations in residential sector, industrial sector and other type of space, to alarm systems in cars, to fire alarm and gas sensors and to automatic heart stimulators. In each of these applications NET LIFE operates in an equally efficient manner: in hazardous situation (fire, burglary, gas hazard, heart troubles), it will automatically send a signal to the network operator on a standby who identifies it immediately and notifies relevant services.

NET LIFE Who will use NET LIFE ?

Every one may become a NET LIFE user, individuals as well as institutions, companies, taxi corporations, security agencies, volunteer citizens guard committees, industrial networks, etc.

How does NET LIFE work in a specific situation?

In a situation of direct danger, NET LIFE makes it possible to call immediately for help.  All you have to do is press the transmit button (in the case of alarm installations, this is done automatically). The radiotelephone sends your ID, by which you are identified and localised. Such quick notification of the event increases the chances of receiving an efficient help by the victim.

What do we have to do to become a NET LIFE user?

It only takes to have an mobile phone or an alarm system and register with the Life-saving Staff of National Life-Saving and Alarm Network.

How much does it cost?

Usage of NET LIFE is free of charge. The only cost you might have to bear is an insignificant instalment for the association - 20 PLN (5 €).

Where to find more information on NET LIFE ?

All you have to do is get in touch with the nearest regional Life-saving Staff of National Life-Saving and Alarm Network, or directly with the National Staff.